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by frost

En blogg om schapendoes och inredning

Hej min blogg handlar mycket om mina fina schapendoes Troja, Samantha, Donna och Luca. Lite om vad vi hittar på med i familjen och om min kennel som heter Kennel By Frost. Men jag förmedlar även inredningstips och tankar kring det området. Då jag arbetar som inredningsdesigner för Colorama. Kanske en lite märklig kombination men det är så jag lever mitt liv. Fritiden går mycket tid åt till hundarna och när jag ändå reser land och riken runt, så samlar jag på mig inspiration och energi till att vara kreativ och utveckla mitt sinne för att inreda hem och offentliga miljöer.

And now the english version of a sade storry - gossip is never nice!

SchapendoesPosted by Helle Frost Jensen Mon, October 03, 2016 23:28:37

I know that some of you do not speak swedish or are able to read what I wrote. Now I have tried to translate my letter to the breeder of 2 of my dogs into english - now you can get my side of this horrible mess and maybe make your own oppion based on more facts.

I am so sorry that things turned out the way it did - but I think it is my time to give some perspectiv on things untill now it has only been one who has been speaking or more writing about this matter. This would be between 2 persons but she wanted it differently NOT ME! She made her point on face book and elsewhere!. I cant be quiet any more especially when this matter has consequences for my family, friends and for me in a way I never could imagine.

I have tried to keep silent but it does not help - it goes on and on and on! I am a person with my errors and my failures like everyone else...BUT! I have been called Judas, liar, deceiver and many other horrible things....It must have an ending!

Here is "copy" of my letter to the breeder that started all of this! The letter where sent 22 februari 2016.

My offer to you that you maybe could borrow Troja for a litter is not an oppertunity anymore - because my terms for a possible loan is not complete.
There are even other matters that has changed radically.
My terms for a possible loan was that YOU could check hips and elbows, eye examin and have made the PRA test and that she could be free on all tests before a possible mating.
You have on one occasion helped so the examination/x-ray of the hips and elbows where done - I paid for it. After that you havent made any effort to do all the rest, untill now she has not been bloodtested for PRA. The eyecheck I did myself and paid for it.
One of my other conditions was that you after your suspension for registration at the Swedish Kennel Club - that you would follow the rules and regulations and that you have not done on some importend issues. That is not okay for me because you are in the riskzone of getting into trubble again with the Swedish Kennel Club and that could have a effect on Trojas puppies and me. This uncertainty I can not accept.
Other matters that have changed - I will mention a few.
1) you have on your homepage stated that you are going to have 2 litters at almost the same time and one of them is Trojas. This is not something I have accepted or is discussed with me. I Will not accept that my bitch maybe is living at your house pregnant soon to give birth or that she just have had puppies when you maybe have visitors to the other litter.
2) your economy is uncertain and I dout that you are able to have 2 litters at the same time if deseases arise and the expensive veterinary costs might be an issue and as now you already owe me money. A debt from 2013 to may 2015 and it has not been paid back. The last time you had dedts to me it was from the time before I bought Troja (over 12000 skr with these money I paid Troja). I have even lented you stuff summer 2015. I havent got these things back.
3) you havent shown any interssed in T since november 2015 when she won the show in Holland and havent asked about her health. In my oppion it is a lack of interest (especially considering your plans of mating when T goes into heet this winther/spring).
Now I want my things and my money. I will send you information about my bankingaccount and I expect that you pay me back what you owe me and that you pack my stuff that I used helping you to style your house. I expect that my tings is in good condition when delivered.
Now I hope to avoid hearing or reading about this anywhere. I will behave and say hi when we meet and go on with my own business and I expect the same from you. I wish you good luck with your litter after M.....
Best Regards
THAT IT (hope you understand) Now you can have an oppion about this if you want to. My goal was to avoid this and go on! But that was not her choice and therefore I wanted to show my point of view on the matter!
Gossip is nasty and not my thing at all but I think this information was necessary - to show 2 sides of the conflict as some people choosed to listen to only one side without checking the other - people I know and who knows me very well!As of today I have got my things back and some of the money - but I dont care I just want peace and quiet.
I contacted the Swedish Kennel Club in april and are waiting for their answer. And I will not comment this any further!
Have a nice evening and please be nice to each other - words or writing are sometimes more hurtful than a punch on the nose - I have never experienced anything like this before and I hope that I never will be in this kind of situation again - honestly I do not think that I deserve this from a person I have helped for years

Hugs from me to you!